Things I believe will happen in the future

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This post has nothing to see with astrology or guessing the future, but about things I assume would happen to humanity and the planet in a near and far future, following also the modern tendencies of our humanity mind. It is not also a sort of prophecy like trying to impersonate Nostradamus or another traditional figure of future events. It is not also about particular events that would happen. It is only about things I believe would happen or could happen to humanity in the coming centuries. One of those things that could happen is, doubtless, the human extinction. Now well, I believe, I assume, I speculate that the possibilities of human extinction are as many as the possibilities of survival. If we see what we are doing to our planet right now, the lack of will of the powerful to do something and the ferocity of our human conflicts fueled by Fundamentalism and madness, ambition and lack of humanism, we can prophesy as the Sphinx things that we all suspect already could happen.

Borders between countries

PatriotismI believe that in a far future, borders between countries will disappear with all what a border represents. There will be another kind of borders, however. Those borders will be made by virtual machines and belonging sense to certain powerful groups led by economics and knowledge. It is probably that we are going to defeat poverty and sicknesses, but there will be always tensions between groups that consider themselves the natural leaders of the planet over other kind of groups. The idea that economical grow in a society is itself a guarantee to end social divisions as many ideologies expose, will prove wrong when most people will get access to progress, but some divisions will evolve also to a more sophisticated level.

It means also the factual use of a single language. It does not mean the extinction of our modern main languages at all. But all humanity will use a single system of language to communicate. We already see it with the Internet revolution and how it allows us to share information with most people in the planet. This possibility will evolve to a perfect point, a new Babel.

The extinction of religions

Maybe it would sound strain that a priest would prophesy it, but I am not building a dogma – and I am not interesting in creating or perpetuating dogmas at all.

It is most probably that religions will survive for many centuries against what some brilliant minds would wish. But soon or later, religions as institutionalized creatures would end over the earth. The reason would be simple: the perception of the Mysterious Being and Creator of time and space will change so much to reach the point of nothingness, much similar to Buddhism, even in those who defend the personal Godhead.

The current nonconformity of the 21st century’s believers over the nature of God will evolve to the growing of future new movements that would remove hierarchies presented as authorities over what is the Godhead in any present religion. Such future movement would be probably more universal, less divided, more tolerant, more simple, even more spiritual. The past, all our ancestors of every culture on earth, will be seen as sorts of wisdom, but they will not be hold as principles to follow on cultures that would be very much near to the stars, reason, science and a more strong sense of humanity – involving every human being.

It is also just natural, just normal. As it is possible to demonstrate the evolution of life, the evolution of religion is also an evidence. If you take a man of Israel from the 4th century BC and show to him the religions of today, he would find difficulties to admit that all those rites and ideas belong to what he understand as religion. It will be the same with us as compare to our far descendants.

In a next post I will speculate about the genetic and robotic revolution, as well as alien life.

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