Is the Universe infinite?

· Astronomy, science

Counting is infinite… it is as an abstraction of some mathematics’ schools. In practice – making my own speculations – counting is related to matter and action. As action is linked to matter as well, let us include it in matter as a whole. When we count, we are counting something real. Therefore, counting just to count has not a meaning at all. An individual counting alone from 1 to infinite does not exist. It is an abstract idea. We count real things. If we apply this principle (we count real things) it is possible to reach the biggest number that is conditioned by the fact that real things come to an end. If you count stars, there will be a point that you will count all the stars and so that point marks the biggest number. To this reflection I state that matter is really finite, although the principal of inflation and expansion. Now well, matter can be unimaginable big, but it does not assure us it is infinite. Therefore, starting from such conclusion, the biggest number is the sum all all the matter existing in all the universe + all possible universes. If you can gather so much amount of matter, you will have the biggest number and so we can call such number “1 universe” (1U?) It means that the biggest finite number is 1 again – in this case 1U or 1 universe.) What is finite is space and time. There must be a place in space that is empty of matter. Such space is probably too much far that we can only reach unto it through our own imagination. It is 1U far from us… Such empty space is infinite. Even if you get many other universes (1U + 1U + 1U) it will give always 1U and it will never full the infinite space. In that empty space of matter there is not time, because there is not action. Nothing moves, there is not light… The number of such empty space is 0…

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