Time in the mind

· Astronomy, science

The illusion of time…

Yes. It’s an illusion. It depends very much on space. But it depends also of mind. Time is a convention. A convention is a human agreement between many. Conventions can become law if most and most people assume it such it is. Time is an illusion and it depends very much from space. It doesn’t mean that a quiet body does not have time. Time is also mind, thinking. Velocity and space can be also a mind vector. The time can be compressed inside the mind. Every person can manage his or her own convention of time. The velocity of mind alters the perception of time. Galaxy X, although going at so great speech, has not time if it is not measured by an intelligent mind. Time does not exit if it is not an object of mind. Let us suppose planet Y in a so far galaxy: it is alone, lifeless and deserted. It rotates around its own axes and around its own star. The time can be measured in every parameter of its geography. But… it is not known by an intelligent mind, so it doesn’t exist at all. Its time is vain.

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