The plastic… that modern mistake

· Conflict, Society

Plastics are the main feature of our ‘modern’ garbage.

Every age has its mistakes and we, modern people, have too many mistakes, of course. It would be wiser to discover them and try to correct in a best way not to be blame by our descendants as selfish or mediocre people that knowing what was to be done, it was never done. Our modern mistakes, by the way, can be paid in a high price and global warming is one of those prices if we don’t take effective actions. Why we must dream with the conquest of the galaxies when our planet is at danger just because we don’t care for it. One of those modern mistakes is plastic or the abuse of this material. Tons of plastic go to the environment every second and we know well that it has a very slow process of degradation plus its poisonous affect. Why we continue using plastic bags? Every world’s parliament should forbid it completely, because it is poison in every way. Even children can be suffocated by plastic bags, so animals, plants and… the planet. With all our technology, cannot we create a bio-bag and other material to replace plastic and to reduce its use as much as possible? Let us start from now, everyone: just get your own cloth bag for shopping. Don’t allow to get your products in plastic bags.


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