The end or the beginning of the world

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SunLet us play once more with speculative scientific games. I like it as a pass time. Especially religious sects have the obsession with the end of time and we are not talking about the Witnesses of Jehovah only, but much religions play with two types of fear: the end of your life and the end of time (the apocalypses.) Many religious and superstitious leaders look among the stars or ancient sacred texts the exact date where everything will come to an end, the moon will fall on the earth and God will come over the clouds as in a big Broadway Show saying Ladies and Gentleman, may I have your attention please? The earth is over! Those with the black ticket follow the path of the left…

Few request the date of the end of the world to, for example, the @nasa. If you do so, they will tell you that our star Sun will bright for about 7 billion years more. It means that the end, without any sacred text on the desk or any star prediction (well, actually it is a star prediction…) will be on year 7000002013… the problem is that we don’t know which month, so let us let that tiny problem to religious predictors.

The speculation is that our Sun could become a Supernova or it can run out of hydrogen (its fuel), though billions of year before its end, it will increase its brightness, destroying the atmosphere of our planet and evaporating our water. That is a real apocalypses, without speaking about other cosmic natural possible incidents such as the collision of our solar system with another huge star or the encounter of our planet with a great meteorite or the discovery of an aggressive form of life that could threaten us at the best way of our films on this issue. We can guest it through observations of what happens to our star and to other stars in the universe.

But the big guest is what our descendants will do to prevent the extinction of all life we know on the universe, seemly constrained to our tiny planet. Science and technology must continue their development toward the survival not only of us, humans, but every living creature on our planet and over any corner of the cosmos if we can discover it.

It could be possible that our Sun enters the orbit of a bigger star and becomes a planet, such as Jupiter or Saturn, the giant planet brothers of earth. The planets of our solar system would become like satellites of the planet Sun… Could we be able to alter the route of the Sun and the Earth on the space in the future? I think we can reach it and probably our descendants could do so. Maybe we can bring out our planet to another friendly solar system.

What is true is that we must continue our explorations of the universe as a duty of our human race and we need to put our goals to populate the cosmos, to conquer other planets with living conditions, becoming an authentic intergalactic species. It seems something mad today, but we need to believe in the power of our human talents and to evolve to a superior civilization without wars, violence and destruction of other living creatures…

What if we are rather than near to the end of time, as many like to claim, more near to the beginning of time?

What if our living planet is really the first one living planet, from where life is destined to spread through the Universe?

It will give us more sense to our existence. We live to conquer the Universe. We must survive to guarantee the preservation of knowledge.


  1. Fraser Cain (2012). Life of the Sun. Universe Today. March 10, 2012. Link retrieved on August 25, 2013 from

Our huge Sun star is a tiny powder in comparison with Antares, far from us more than 1,000 light years. Why all these huge matter in so vast universe?


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  1. mcwatty9

    Given the size of the universe, it seems more than likely intelligent species besides our own exist. If we are to meet with another species one day, it would be very interesting to see what they admire in us, and to see what they mock us for.

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