A Superman for our time

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Man of Steel by Zack Snyder

I really like this new version of Superman by Zack SynderThe Man of Steel. It is the remade of a traditional cartoon for our time. Just the presence of one of my favorite actors, Rusell Crowe as Jor-El, the father of Kal-El or Clark Kent (Henri Cavill), is a great sign – and only Crowe could be the father of Superman. It is a story in our time, with all the updates of our science and technology, respecting the principles of the universe as the design of what would be an alien environment like Kripton or the possibility of intergalactic travels. Just we cannot get rid of the sound of explosions at the outer space, but it seems impossible for film effects’ purposes… we have to wait for that director who would resolve this issue in a scientific and filmography manner. 

The blue color at the Superman’s suit is also a great innovation for our 21st century’s Superman. The origin of this Super-baby coming out from an unknown dying world, completes the scenery. Faora-Ul (Antje Traue), Kal’s mother, disappears, however, in a hopeless planetary destruction, while Jor-El enjoys alone the luckiness to keep his conscience alive – could not it be possible to keep Faora’s conscience alive to give some joy to her boy? By the way, it is a very interesting scientific possibility: are we going to be able to preserve the conscience of a person alive in the future? In the film Jor-El is referred as he was actually dead and he himself said it to Kal: ‘I am only a shadow of his conscience.‘ To my understanding, we are a brain, we are conscience, so it would be a new state of living. Here a good discussion.

The role of Amy Adams as Lois Lane is also a good one. She represents a courageous woman, intelligent and natural.   Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) is, however, very disturbing. Holding his son from showing up his power seems a little unrealistic and even more when his son sees his father dying while preventing him from a quick rescue it’s not possible. In this sense, the Spiderman’s story is more authentic.

Let us wait for the sequel with a great gift included: the presence of our other Super hero: Batman, interpreted by Ben Afflect (who did also Daredevil.)

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