Freedom of press as a human right

· Conflict, Culture, Journalism, Politic, Society

Thomas Jeferson on freedom of pressPolicy makers and governments should know that information is a human right. People has the right to know what is happening in their society, their country and the planet everywhere, even if such information is labeled by certain individuals as top secret or confidential under premises such as national security or global wars on anything. 

If you intend to rule on freedom of press, you must know that it is as cutting a hair diametrically. You must use a very sophisticated tool to cut if fine, without destroying it, because people has always the right to know, even over your political or economical reasons, but you don’t have the right to limit such right. If you are going to limit freedom of press, you must be very careful in what you want to limit, to which extend and for how long, because anything you want to hide, any single interest you want to protect, will be on public tomorrow, the next decade or the next century and your name will change from being a hero to being an abuser of people.

You must know too that freedom of press measures how free and democratic is a nation. A country with many journalists in jail or assassinated due to their mission to inform people, is by sure a country ruled by authoritarianism, no matter how civilized or modern it wants to pose. Freedom of press is not having too many television channels, radio stations and newspapers staffed with journalists saying what you want to hear or agreeing in your pompous speeches. Much technology itself does not guarantee what we call freedom of press.

Then, it is possible that many communicators militate for ideological positions, parties, ways of thinking, interests and intentions. It is possible that many communicators do not say the true or try to deceive. But you must know that such fact does not give you a good reason to limit freedom of press, because, when we stand on the territory of freedom of press, we have our own tools to uncover those who are not authentically communicators in a humanistic way. What is a lie is discovered now or late, being such lie from politicians, bursars or journalists.

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