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Ong Bak 3This is another of my favorite movies. The Thai Ong Bak 3 with its several sequels lost in an abstract timeline and characters. But Tony Jaa seems to become the reincarnation of Bruce Lee – thought he is not a Chinese and we are challenging our dear Jacky Chan with it.

When you do a big production like this, the possibility to have mistakes is bigger and there are many reviews showing such things (I could confront some of them.) But I want to write about the goods it has.

Jaa (in Thai his name is Tatchakorn Yeerum, so let’s call him just Jaa) is very well know in Cambodia for one reason: he was born in Surin province and that region is actually very Khmer in its population. He has in his film portfolio productions such as Muay Thai Warrior, the Warrior King, the Beginning and Ong Bak 3.

The movie feeds in the cultural and legendary context of the Thai and Khmer history of kingdoms, kings and battles and it brings to life other martial art fighters from Japan, China, India and even Africa.

A great investment in special effects, places with the Khmer millennial temples and great actors concentrated in their work.

Here down I place a pic of Dan Chupong representing Bhuti Sangkha or the Crow Ghost. It is amazing the make up of this character and how he combines the martial art technics with his acting role of a dark being.

Dan Chupong



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  1. Anonymous

    I watched this movie already it is the best movie of Thailand, I like this movie so much.
    I hope that oneday I can make the movie like this movie, because now I am studying about Audio Visual in Don Bosco Kep, Cambodia.

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