Anorexia can be inside your house

· Children, Culture, Education, Health
From a campaign to prevent anorexia.

From a campaign to prevent anorexia.

Anorexia is something seem as the product of vanity. However, most teenagers, including males, dream to have a good looking body, especially in this time of globalization with a strongest influence of fashion. 

Teenagers can be object of depression and anguish if their bodies do not fit with the models they see on the media everyday: cute dolls and hunks.

Our society is not made by dolls and hunks of course. You don’t go by the street meeting human models such as the ones we watch in television, films, magazines and fashion parades.

But our children and teenagers do not see things like this. Naturally the look for those models and they dream to be like them.

This is the moment when education inside home and at the school comes to play its good role. We need to educate children and young people in deeper values of personality.

It is good to be a good looking man or woman, but it is better to be a good man and woman. To be healthy is not only our right, but also our duty. Care your body is an obligation and adults are obliged to teach it to them. Sport, a balance diet, the avoiding of vices and many other things must be taught to them.

Then many parents just ignore the personal conflicts of their children and teenagers. They don’t know that it can create depression and even suicide ideas. Look for a professional help if your daughter or son seem to be in a situation like this.

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