The aliens of the sapiens pisces

· science

Let’s imagine for a moment a species of fish developing its brain to get conscience and the light of reason. Let us call this species the sapiens pisces. How would the sapiens pisces see the world, the universe and civilization? 

It is, to my regard, easy to imagine and I want to entertain myself in this exercise that, by sure, it has been done by others along the history.

They will spend centuries to realize they are intelligent. Before they get any notion of their own unity, belonging to a single species, they would fight among themselves for their right of food and reproduction. They would organize in simple groups linked with reproduction where males fight for their control over females. These groups are tribes distributed by the colors and patterns of their scales. Those  that manage to control huge areas of the oceans with their voracity and female dominion, would consider themselves as superior fish, which colors and patterns make them distinguish over other groups of sapiens pisces.

They will slave many other fish on the oceans, including other sapiens pisces, for centuries, until they realize clearly that those fish with the quality of reason are also sapiens pisces worth of respect, appreciation and brotherhood (better to say, fish-hood.)

Centuries after they would realize that even the non-rational fish are also important for their own survival. Hopefully, they would realize it before their voracity would let them alone in the immensity of the ocean.

The sapiens pisces religion

As sapiens pisces, they would get into the question of their origin. From where they come? Why they live in the ocean? Is anything else after they die?

Many ocean phenomena would hit their intelligent as well. Tsunamis, ocean storms, natural destruction, fish wars along their history, all these strain things would be revelations over superior beings. The god-fish, the creator of the sapiens pisces.

This god-fish lives over the oceans, in an immense aquarium of fresh water, where there is not hunger and fear, where all good sapiens pisces would go to live after death to stay together for eternity.

The universe

Then we have the universe. The curiosity of their intelligence would create also some fish interested in knowing the universe. The authentic sapiens fish, using their brains further than looking for food and reproduction.

This is the point I am more interested.

They will see the universe from their ocean point of view.

If they imagine other planets with living creatures, they should live on water.

For the sapiens pisces, the islands are not islands (this is a terrestrial conception), but huge mountains that go over their atmosphere.

The sapiens pisces would think in a simple starting conception that any living creature should live inside water conditions only.

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