Colombian soccer to the grandstand!

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colombiaperu2009 copyIf soccer were a shining star to every American country and we could see those stars from a satelite image of the continent, it is sure that the Colombian light would be flashing: sometimes bright, sometimes dark. How Colombia will go to the South Africa world cup, becomes date by date a mystery, as it is a mystery why a country where sport is a very important element of its people, stands at the middle of the podium. Will the Colombian national team see the world cup from the grandstand? Let us try an approach.

Even if the team of Eduardo Lara defeated Peru with a single goal to a traditionally soccer weak Peru, it demonstrates that Colombia is very far from its golden moments. The last 24 minutes of the game were dominated by the Peruvians performing in Medellín, but they could not do the expected goal due to a lack of coordination.


How close is the World Cup for Colombia?

The board on the way to South Africa now:

  1. Brazil: score 27.
  2. Chile: 26.
  3. Paraguay: 24.
  4. Argentina: 22.
  5. Ecuador: 20.
  6. Uruguay: 18.
  7. Colombia: 17.
  8. Venezuela: 17.
  9. Bolivia: 12.
  10. Perú: 7.

By its part, Ecuador has shown more commitment defeating Argentina in Quito 2 per 0 and climbing to the 5th position driven out Uruguay that tied with Venezuela 2 per 2. However hopes are not lose for Colombia in the 7th position after the victory over Peru. Brazil is again the South American leader and it is already sure in its travel to South Africa 2010.

The next 5th and 6th of September games to follow will be: Chile – Venezuela, Perú – Uruguay, Paraguay – Bolivia, Colombia – Ecuador and Argentina – Brasil.

Without optimism

But some observers see the intentions of Colombia to South Africa 2010 as hopeless. Few days ago, well known former member of the National Team, Freddy Rincón, who lives in Brazil, declared to the press that Colombia is not worthy of the world cup and that coach Eduardo Lara has not real experience, according to AP News in a statement to Colprensa. But Rincón is not the only one who does not believe in the current performances of the team that suppose to be an icon of the national sport. Former goal keeper René Huguita said that the Colombian soccer players lack actitude.

For Rincón the players with a good performance would be Freddy Guarín, Abel Aguilar, Wason Rentería, David Ospina and Pablo Armero. As for Lara, he said that the coach has not strategies and lacks experience. The words of Rincón came out before the Colombia-Argentina game of 6th June. Even his pesimistic words, he was hoping any victory of Colombia over the team of Maradona, but the men of Lara lost 2 per 0 and were put at the edge of elimination with the 7th position and 14 scores.
In the game in Argentina, Colombia had some arrivals to the goal keepers with a great possibility, especialy during the second time. Argentina is 4th in position after was defeated by Bolivia 6 per 1 in La Paz.
Maturana is of the same Rincón´s opinion, according to his declaration of last May. The former coach of the national teams of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica and Trinidad and Tobago, forecast that the team of Eduardo Lara will not go to the 2010 world cup, but it is needed to support the coach for the 2014 world cup that will be in Brazil. For Maturana, the best players are Hugo Rodallega, Radamel Falcao, Wason Rentería, Freddy Guarín and Cristian Zapata. He recommended also that Colombia should contract a foreign coach.
Let us see what will happen to Colombia in its meeting with Ecuador in September, Still the possibility, but much have to be done to kick the ball to South Africa.

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