Many humpback whales you know are likely Colombians

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Whales arrive off Colombia’s pacific coast

It is said that a child has the right to receive the nationality in the country he is born. If that applies to whales, a large number of them in the Pacific Ocean have the right to a Colombian passport. About 1,200 humpback whales arrive off the Pacific coasts of Colombia during this time of the year and will stay there until November to pair and have their young in warm waters.

The natural phenomenon attracts ecological tourism and the attention of environmentalists, because it occurs in the national parks of Gorgona, Sanquianga and Utria, islands and coasts on the Pacific. According with the Ministry of Environment, the place has the highest birth rate of humpback whales in the world and makes 28 percent of the global total. Technically, it means that from 100 whales of the planet, it is likely possible that 28 were born in Colombia!

Why Colombia?

HumpbackwhaleBut humpback whales do not make a single specie. There is a long taxonomy of this fascinating giant of the seas. The Colombian coasts see the appearance of 11 of the species like blue, fin, Bryde, Sei and Minke whales.

If Colombia is a great place on this earth to look for your love, the whales will tell you that is the ideal one. They need warm waters with an average temperature of 25°C to pair and have their young. Solano Bahia, Málaga Bahia en Nuquí fill such conditions for the whales that travel 17 thousand kilometers from Antarctica to reach the Colombian coasts for their honeymoon.

A place for an endangered specie

Whale-Dive-SmallWhales are suffering the action of man and climate changes, though an animal uses to move from cold temperatures near the South Pole to the tropics, could be ready to survive big changes in their environment. What they can not face with most success is the cold action of hunters that have reduced their numbers in the last decades.

The humpback whale, one of the most well-known whales, is one of the largest animal on the planet: it can reach as long as 40 to 50 feet, while an elephant is about 14 feet long. An adult whale weights about 79 thousand lbs.

The name humpback is due to its acrobatic behavior like slapping the water and jumping, similar to dolphins, something that make them very attractive for observers. The whale song is also a matter of study by scientists, being so strong that can be listen by other whales thousand of miles away, the inspiration for the development of high communication technology under the sea. Males are the singers and their melodies last between 10 and 20 minutes and are repeated for hours at time with the exact notes.

As a migratory animal, humpback whales run the oceans in a total of 25 thousand kilometers every year, from the poles to the tropics, like the warm waters of Colombia. Since 1966 whales have been an object of global legal protection, something that helped them to recover, but in a slow process, because they still the prey of hunters, many from industrialist countries like Japan.

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