Costa Rica with the best place for living in LatAm

· Economics, Latin America, Society
The Costa Rican National Theatre. Photo Andrés Alvarez.

The Costa Rican National Theater. Photo Andrés Alvarez.

According with a recent study of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Costa Rica was perceived as the best place to live in Latin American and the Caribbeans. It has the best standard of life, economical situation, and the best national system of health and education, according with its own people. The results, published also by AmericaEconomía magazine, was a research made among persons from 23 Latin American nations.

The study put in a high position of optimism countries like Guatemala and Mexico, while Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Trinidad and Tobago were considered rather pessimistic in the way their citizens see the quality of living of their nations.

The scholars stated also that the results depend also on cultural and psychological elements that are owned by every country and that influence in their way they see their own societies. The director of the study, Eduardo Lora, said to AmericaEconomía:

“Aunque la informalidad laboral y la inestabilidad del empleo son fenómenos endémicos en América Latina y el Caribe, esta es una de las regiones del mundo donde más gente se declara satisfecho con su trabajo”

Even if informal jobs and instability in employments are endemic in Latin America and the Caribbeans, this is one of the regions of the world where people declare they are very satisfied with their work.

One of the surprises of the study is Guatemala, traditionally considered a poor and violent country, where employment and housing are difficult features.

However, the perception in the quality of life can differed from country to country. According with AmericaEconomía, the example is Peru, a nation that is having a stable economical growing in the last years and showed in the study a poor perception of its citizens in their standard of life.

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