International Congress on Terrorism’s Victims in Medellín

· Conflict, Violence
Princesses Felipe de Borbón and Leticia Ortiz in Medellín. Photo

Princesses Felipe de Borbón and Leticia Ortiz in Medellín. Photo

The 5th International Congress on Terrorism’s Victims will gather in Medellín this weekend with personalities like the princesses of Asturias of Spain, Felipe de Borbón and Leticia Ortiz. The Congress will be close down by president Felipe Calderón of Mexico.

The Congress is an attend to give honor to those persons who have been victims of terrorism over the world. It is organized by Visible Victims Foundation and the University Sergio Arboleda.

The participation of the princesses of Asturias has been a sign of solidarity by the constitutional monarchy of Spain to victims of violence in the last years. Felipe de Borbón and his wife Leticia Ortiz will arrive to the José María Córdoba International Airport of Rionegro with other personalities like the president of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, former president of Spain José María Aznar and other members of the Spaniard and Colombian governments.

But the most important guest of this special congress will be made by the victims of terrorism in an expected number of 1,000 from different countries like Spain, North Ireland, United States, Rwanda, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Colombia. Kidnapping, true, visible victims and other subjects will be exhibited through documentaries and photos in exposition rooms. The victims will have the opportunity to speak out about their tragedies.

Victims of the September 11’s attacks of New York, the bombs on the rail station of Madrid on March 11, 2004, victims of ETA and IRA and many others will come together to share their experiences and fights to say the true and look for justice.

The Congress has been celebrated in cities like Bogotá, Valencia and Madrid with the participation of official authorities of different countries, organizations concern with the problem of victims of violence and the persons who have been affected by the action of terrorist groups.

In Colombia, armed illegal groups like communist guerrillas (FARC and ELN), paramilitary groups, criminals and even units of the state have produced a great number of victims. Families of kidnapped people by the FARC will participate too.

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