Ciro Guerra succeed in Cannes 2009

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The young Colombian director, Ciro Guerra, was awarded with “City of Rome” this year for his film “Los viajes del viento” (The trips of the wind) in a new edition of the Film Festival of Cannes that presented the best of the Colombian cinematography.

In one of the event, “Quincena de Realizadores“, other Colombian young director Spiros Stathoulopoulos – of Greek  descend, – got also ovation with his film PVC-1.

But Cannes has opened for third time this year its Tous les Cinémas du Monde (All the Films of the World), an event to give space to national productions. Gilles Jacob, director of the festival, said:

“It allows that national cinematography that has not possibility of been selected in the official and parallel event, spotlight their production and find a specialized public in Cannes”

Film Director Ciro Guerra. Photo by Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá.

Film Director Ciro Guerra. Photo by Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá.

Countries like Colombia, India, Lebanon, Slovenia, Algeria, among others, were protagonists in this special chapter of Cannes.

Colombia is living a boom of a new cinematography by the hand of very young producers and directors. Scripts are inspired in the complicated reality of a country of conflicts and daily efforts to build a new society. The Colombian films are generally propositive and funny, combining tragedy with hope, but especially digging inside the pycology of their characters.

The name of Ciro Guerra is not new to the Colombian cinematography. His first movie, “La sombra del caminante” (The Shadow of the Walker), was awarded in the film festivals of Toulouse, Mar de Plata and San Sebastian in 2003. The film, that was a reflection of how the war affects the psychology of those who participate in it, was also in the film festivals of Cartagena de Indias and La Habana.

Los viajes del viento

Los viajes del viento” (The Trips of the Wind), was awarded in Cannes 2009 with the “Latin Rainbow” and to this the jury said:

“This award is for Ciro Guerra, for his capacity of giving to the spectator an unknown trip of initiation and discovery of many aspects of the Colombian diversity, a trip to the conscience, as the two protagonists, abandon the legacy of all stereotype.”

The prize, known also as “City of Rome”, because it was created by late Italian director Gilo Pontecorvo, looks for films that give importance to the culture, the intelligence of the public an the stile diversity.

The recognition of Cannes to Guerra has been well appreciated in Colombia. For the minister of culture, Paula Marcela Morena Zapata, in an interview to Caracol Radio, it is a fruit of the national efforts to put the Colombian cinematography at an international level, able to participate in events like the Cannes Festival, considered one of the most important of the world.

Traditionally, Colombia has been poor in film production. But during the last decades it is changing and the country is having a regular production of works by different directors, most of them young people. Le Film Français, a prestigious weekly magazine, stated that “Colombia is the new prodigious Latin American child” in cinematography, while AFP wrote “Los viajes del viento receives ovation in Cannes.”

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