“False War”, a military shame

· Conflict, Violence

Definitely situations of conflict, war and terrorism cause amaze and horror. The long Colombian conflict is a great example of how humans can fall in what Herman Hess stated: “Man is a wolf for man”. Then horror and crime come often to be perversely clever.

Now it happens that in the run to show results, some military authorities are playing their own “False War”, something that the Colombian Spanish named as “falsos positivos“. They can be of cooking terrorist attacks that the brave Colombian army would dismantle or presenting corps of guerrilla troops killed in fighting. Of course, shining starts of recognition would be better appreciate than the life of innocent victims.

Then it happens also that what is false is made evident with the time. No false war could stand history.

The Colombian Prosecutor is investigating the perverse game of those high rank army commanders more near to the action of mafia traffic dealers than defenders of sovereignty and peace in their nation.

Then any revelation is a reason to conclude that it is real the international claims on the poor situation of human rights in Colombia.

Soacha is a town in Bogotá and it became the center of attention of that False War of the army. Young persons were kidnapped and killed. Then their corps appeared in other latitudes of Colombia presented by the army as guerrilla troops killed in fighting. The Prosecutor revealed that those persons who killed young persons to cook false battles, received 1 million pesos (a. USD 500) per corp, according to the statement of a sergeant of the army.

Six military involved in the scandal of “False War”

The Prosecutor of Human Rights linked to the crimes the name of six high rank military. They were involved in the disappearance of two young persons from Soacha in January 2008 according to the statement of Sargeant John Jairo Muñoz published by Caracol News:

“Me le acerqué al sargento segundo Pérez en el batallón Santander, le pedí el favor que me colaborara ya que a mi me estaba yendo mal en la consecución de información e informantes, ya que no estaba produciendo nada”

I approached Second Sergeant Pérez in the Santander Battalion, I asked him the favor to help me because I was going wrong in the acquisition of information and informants, because there were not results.

“Otro día en el mes de enero nuevamente le recordé al sargento Pérez sobre el favor y me dijo: curso si quiere le traigo gente que se entrega a la tropa y se presenta como muertos en combate”

“Other day in the month of January, I reminded again to Sargent Pérez about the favor and he said: guy, if you want I bring you the people given to the troop and presented as killed in fighting”

“En ese momento para mi fue algo aterrador que hasta me dio risa porque pensé que me estaba tomando del pelo, me dijo: no se ría que es cierto, me dirigí a donde el teniente coronel Rincón Amado Gabriel, yo le comenté sobre la propuesta que me había hecho Pérez y me dijo: cuanto hay que pagar”

In that moment it was for me something frightening that even I laughed because I thought he was joking, but he said: Do not laugh because it is true. I went to Colonel Lieutenant Rincón Amado Gabriel, I commented to him about the proposal made to me by Pérez and he said: How much does it cost.

“Me devolví donde Pérez y le pregunté el precio de traer personas para presentarlas como muertos en combates, me dijo que había que dar un millón de pesos por persona más pasajes”

“I went back to Pérez and asked him how much was the price to bring persons to present as killed in fighting and he said that you have to give a million pesos plus the cost of the trip”

Other cases

Of course the case of Muñoz is the most recent, but the “False War” is no a new issue in Colombia. At the end of 2008 the term “falsos positivos” (False War) became popular in the middle of a country surrounded by any kind of violence. The army has been accused as killing civilians, dressing their corps in guerrilla uniforms and presenting their corps to the “well-documented” media as good results in the fight on terrorism. Some military superiors have received even moving rewards for it.

The scandal of “False Wars” is another test on human rights conditions in Colombia and its poor performance. Something is wrong and criminal elements are the masters of law in the country threaten democracy and safety for the citizens. Even if Colombians call it “falsos positivos“, technically it is extra-judicial killings, death squad and forced disappearance of persons.

In 2008 was revealed the identity of 19 intended guerrillas killed by the army in a fighting in the State of North of Santander. The 19 false guerrillas were actually the bodies of 19 young persons reported to the police of Ciudad Bolívar as disappeared. They were kidnapped, executed and presented to the public opinion as guerrillas. Other cases were made evident in the states of Antioquia, Boyacá and Sucre.

Different officials of the Colombian army has been removed after investigations conducted by the Prosecutor of the Nation. General Mario Montoya resigned and was nominated by the government as ambassador in República Dominicana.

The “War on Terror” of Colombia

The “False War” is the “War on Terror” of Colombia. In a certain way, is a kind of “Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.” Evidently, it creates fears of the actions of the army intended to protect the population. Then it would weak institutions and strength illegal groups if civilians find themselves threaten by this kind of cases.

Crimes like these ones are evidently war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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