More sons for Lugo

· Latin America

“At this way president Lugo will become the Father of the Nation.”

Last 13th April president Fernando Lugo of Paraguay recognized that he is the father of Guillermo Armindo Carrillo, a boy of two years. Now other woman, Damniana Hortencia Morán Amarilla of 39 years old, claims that she has another son of the former Catholic bishop and current chief of state.

Different to the mother of Guillermo Armindo that treated to bring the case to the courts, Morán declared that she does not want to follow any sue for the case, but just wants to say the true to the public opinion. Her son is one year and four months of age, according with Abc Color newspaper of Asunción.

Morán was also a coordinator of the social pastoral of the Catholic Church in San Lorenzo, a town near to the capital. She is divorced from her husband since five years ago. With her husband she had two sons. After her separation, she knew Lugo and, in 2006, according with her testimony to the press, she got the more near contacts with the former bishop.

The woman said that she named her son as Juan Pablo to honor Pope John Paul II and that her relation with Lugo “was a great giving and an explosion of feelings and – by God´s will and the life, the fruit was Juan Pablo.”

The third one

But Juan Pablo and Guillermo Armindo seems to have a third brother: Lucas Facundo, the son of Benigna Leguizamón of 27 years old. She lives in a poor house in Ciudad del Este and said to the press that she wants to bring her case to the courts.

She said to know Lugo when she was 17 years old. She went to ask spiritual help from the bishop of San Pedro, the poorest region of Paraguay, the same city of the mother of Guillermo Armindo, Viviana Carrillo.

The three cases have produced a wave of jokes and future sons. What is most important, however, is that president Lugo can be the real “father of the nation” to push the development of his country… with his three sons to help in it.

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