Colombian Andes in danger

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Caracol and Colombia Passport. The majority of Colombians live in the Andes, that range of mountains that cross the west of South America from Chile to Venezuela. The Andes region in the northern South American nation is also the center of the more industrialized cities like Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and the Coffee Axes.

Colombian Andes can be fascinating with its multiple climate variations, snow mountains, biodiversity and stunning views. However, it has been declared by ecological experts a zone in danger.

The Colombian scholar Germán Poveda, a member of the official team for the Climate Changes, declared that the widen of the agriculture areas and the proliferation of illegal crops like coca, are devastating the tropical mountain forests of the Colombian Andes.

“El problema de la deforestación es tan grave que los andes tropicales de Colombia es el sitio de la tierra donde más rápidamente se está destruyendo la biodiversidad y pienso que para Colombia eso es una amenaza fundamental para el desarrollo del país.

The problem of deforestation is so serious that the tropical Andes of Colombia is the place of the earth where the destruction of biodiversity is being more quick and I think that for Colombia that is a fundamental treat for the development of the country.”

“Estamos hablando de la desaparición de seres vivos, tanto animales como vegetales, en particular insectos, pájaros y especies botánicas de todo orden.”

We are talking about the extintion of living beings, either animals or plants, particularly insects, birds and botanic species of any kind.”

“Creo que es hora de que los políticos, los académicos y las autoridades ambientales entren en consonancia”.

I think that this is the time that politicians, scholars and environmental authorities meet in agreement.”

Professor Poveda pointed out that the process of deforestation contributes to the impact in the climate changes and the perturbation of the natural channel of rivers and streams.

During the inter-governmental forum for the climate changes, an organization created by the United Nations to recommend and investigate the risks of the global warming, was concluded that in the following decade Colombia will lost the totality of its glacial mountains. To this said Poveda:

“En el siglo XX desaparecieron ocho glaciares de Colombia, sólo nos quedan seis y a las tasas que estamos viendo que están retrocediendo y que se están derritiendo el triste pronostico es que para la década de 2010 al 2020, los seis glaciares que le quedan a Colombia van a desaparecer”.

“During the 20th century eight glacial mountains were extinguished in Colombia. We have now only six and the glacial covert is being melting at a high velocity. So we have the sad forecast that during the decade 2010 to 2020 the six glacial mountains of Colombia will be melted completely.”

Sea level

The global warming is treating also the Colombian Caribbean Coast with the growing of the sea level, especially in San Andres Island. The island could lost the totality of its drinking water system. The Colombian scholar said to this:

“El nivel del mar esta aumentando a velocidades que no esperábamos y toda la costa caribe se ve amenazada en la destrucción de su infraestructura.

“The level of the sea is growing at an incredible velocity, out of our expectations and all the Caribbean coast is being treated in the destruction of its infrastructure”

“La isla de San Andrés es un ecosistema que esta fuertemente amenazado porque se daría una salinización de los depósitos subterráneos de agua que tiene la isla para abastecer su consumo”

“The San Andrés Island is an ecosystem that is strongly treated because it would make salty the underneath deposits of water that the island has for the daily consume”.

It is also forecast an increase in raining that would be more frequent and intense, especially in the Andes region, a situation that is being presented with atypical raining season showers in the country.

President Obama interested in the climate change in Colombia

The adviser for economics in the Unites States Embassy in Colombia, Lawrence Gumbiner, declared that president Barack Obama has a badged to increase the resources in a project of mitigation and adaptation of the climate changes in Colombia, due to the importance in the geographical location of the country and its ecology for the planet. Gumbiner said:

“Es una propuesta del presidente de aumentar por lo menos en dos millones de dólares los fondos para Colombia, creemos que es un país que puede jugar un papel supremamente importante, es un país muy rico ambientalmente, es un país de gran biodiversidad, pensamos seguir ayudando a Colombia en su propia lucha domestica contra el Cambio Climático”

“This is a proposal of the president to increase in at least two million dollars the budget for Colombia. We believe that it is a country that plays an important role, it is a very rich country in ecology and biodiversity. We want to continue supporting Colombia in its fight against the climate change.”

The diplomatic added that United States wants to be a source of support in technologies in order that Colombia can face the challenges of the climate changes which effects are already evident in the country.

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