Illegals arrested in Canada

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Several groups of human rights for migrants protested in London (Canada) the arrest of 79 illegal workers by the Border Service Agency and the Canadian police last week. According with the Spanish online newspaper “Diario El Popular” and “Colombia en London”, authorities are investigating possible abuses against that group of persons hold by the police due to their legal status in the country.

The chief of the Police of South Simcoe referred to some of the illegals as “victims”, said the newspaper.

The human rights groups argued that the illegals were humiliated and arrested in their places of work and homes by agents of the Border Service Agency of Canada.

For this reason, a big number of relatives and friends of the detainees gathered outside the Heritage Detention Center, in 385 Rexdale Blvd, to press authorities for their release. The situation produced that several families have been affected when a father or mother still in that center.

Although the status of illegality in any country is considered itself a crime, that was the reason argued by the authorities so far. The Spanish online newspaper underlined that no national mass media mentioned the case, especially the biggest ones like GTA. Only 680 Radio made a comment and cited a lawyer that concluded that the government needs to review its obsolete system. The lawyer, according to Diario Popular, said that he is convinced that doctors and lawyers should receive permissions to work in Canada, as workers of factories as well.

Human rights groups complain of the terrible conditions of illegal workers in the North American country due to a despotic and abusive form of exploitation. The Spanish newspaper concluded that not only owners of factories are responsible for that situation, but also a big share of the Canadian society.

The condition of illegal migrant to countries like Canada makes that this foreign workers are out of any system of civil rights and protection. Fearing to be expelled by authorities, illegal workers accept low salaries and poor conditions in order to send support to their families in their original countries.

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