Woman claims her child is the son of president Lugo

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Paraguay. Viviana Rosalith Carillo Cañete, 26 years old, claims her baby is the son of president Fernando Lugo, who is also a former Catholic bishop, according to ABC Digital. The young woman is supported by lawyer Claudio Kostinchock who followed a procedure in a court of the city of Encarnación to demand Lugo to recognize the paternity of the two years old boy.

The name of the boys is Guillermo Armindo Carillo Cañete and he has the two surnames of his mother, meaning that the father still to recognize his paternal responsibility. Kostinchok said to the ABC Digital that there are enough evidences to prove that former Bishop Lugo and now President of Paraguay has fathered the son of Carillo.

They have also a witness, Walter Acosta, who is also a lawyer and cousin of the child´s mother. However, in an interview by the press, Carillo denied she was doing a demand against president Lugo, but Kostinchok assured that Carillo was afraid in that moment to talk and then said it.

To prove it, the judge has to order a ADN test that was recommended to Lugo by Bishop Mario Melanio Medina, a person near to the president. Currently priests and bishops of the Roman Catholic Church are obliged to keep celibacy. It means, they can not marry according to a regulation of the 16th century. In order to father a child or marry a woman, priests and bishops must abandon their religious condition.

The young woman presented evidences like phone messages, witnesses and letters to state that she had relations with Lugo, who abandoned his condition of Bishop to participate in politics in his country. In 2008 the Vatican decided to give back the lay condition to Lugo, opening like this the possibilities to assume as president. It is rare that the Vatican gives lay conditions to prelates.

Carillo said to ABC Digital that she was 16 years old when she was seduced by the “beautiful words” of the Bishop and that they used to meet in the locality of Chore. She said that Lugo promised that he would abandon the religious condition to marry her and form a family.

The government of Lugo has not made any statement about the case.

President Fernando Lugo defeated the Colorado Party in the last presidential elections, a party that was in power for 61 years.

Source: ABC Digital: “Mujer firmó papeles para demandar a Lugo, dice abogado“.

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