African albino moved the heart of Spain

· Culture, Society

Spaniards are used to the thousand of African migrants that arrive to the Iberian coasts every year. They know also that most of them would be sent back by authorities once their safety and conditions will be guaranteed. But this time one of those African migrants moved their heart. He was Moszy, a boy of 17 years old who arrived to Canarias in a boat with clandestine migrants from the West of Africa. He is an albino and asked political asylum.

In the black continent to be albino is not easy. They can be persecuted for their condition by magicians who consider their body as an amulet. Cases of killing of albinos have been reported in several countries and even there are organizations for their protection and rights.

The young African decided to flee his original country because he fears for his safety due to his condition, he said to the Spaniard authorities in Canarias.

Moszy said also to El Mundo newspaper that his body was looked by magicians to be used in rituals, a declaration that shocked the public opinion in Spain. His request of political asylum will be considered by the Spaniard Commission for Refugees.

According to popular believes in huge regions of Africa, parts of the body of albinos can bring fortune, a reason that put in danger their life and generate persecution. Moreover, the solar radiation of tropical lands is the other foe of the albinos.

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