Colombia and Ecuador, lost without solution

· Conflict, Latin America, Politic

The conflict between Colombia and Ecuador is one year older and the solution is far to become real. At least is the impression given by General Secretary of the American States Organization, José Miguel Insulza, in Bogotá yesterday after the declaration of president Correa in Quito. For Insulza the words of Correa were just as normal as it has been his attitude all the time of the debate with Uribe. President Correa stated that Quito will not reestablish diplomatic relation with Bogotá as long he is the president in Ecuador.

In March 2008 Colombian troops attacked a camp of the Farc guerrillas where was one of the strongest man of that rebel group, Rafael Reyes, known also as the official and international Farc’s spokesman. He and several guerrillas were killed in the assault that included aerial bombing and infantry.

The incursion touched the Ecuadorian territory, because the guerrillas crossed the Putumayo river, the natural border within the two South American nations. The security forces of Colombia did not stop for this reason and continued their persecution of the rebels at the other side of the border.

It brought the anger of the Ecuadorian government that saw it as a plaint violation of its sovereignty. By its part, the Colombian government asked public excuses but defends its right of fighting the Farc guerrillas.

Several international initiatives have been tried to cool the relations between Quito and Bogotá. President Correa asked from Uribe to recognize that it was a sovereignty violation and to make a compromise that it would not happen again. Colombia insisted in its right to attack the guerrillas that are considered by US, the European Union, Mexico and Colombia as a terrorist organization. There were said evidences in the computer of late Rafael Reyes that link members of the Ecuadorian government of Correa with the rebel group, but the publication of such statements worsened the situation between the two Andean nations.

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