Chávez in Iran

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The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, arrived to Tehran to pay a “strategic visit” in order to tie political and economical links with the ayatollahs’ regime. He will visit China and Japan after.

Chávez will meet president Mahmud Ahmadineyad, a radical conservative that has visited Venezuela as well and some other Latin American nations. Iran, as Venezuela, is one of the main oil world exporters.

The government of Tehran said to the press that the visit of president Chávez intends to intensify the commercial ties between both, the Asian and South American nation, and their good relations.

Both countries want to found a bank entity that will start with a shared investment of 1,600 dollars and will be named the Venezuelan-Iran Fund. Either Venezuela or Iran claim that the bank intents to face the global financial crisis creating an alternative financial system, although to some experts the project is difficult to success.

Iran faced an economical embargo since its own revolution and its economy depends only from the oil production, while has pressures from the international community for its development of nuclear programs. A recent speech of US president Barack Obama directed to the people of Iran in a friendly possibility of reestablishing diplomatic relations, was taken with a rather indifference by the Iranian government.

Tehran denies that it is hiding the acquisition of nuclear weapons, as United States and the European Community denounce.

Caracas and Tehran have been working in the development of agreements between both nations. The Iranian chancellor has been recently in Venezuela in the designing of projects.

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  1. pietro

    Very funny, thanks God we have such clowns to have fun with!
    Chavez is a dictator in a pseudo-democratic country, a lot of oil and a lot of bad guys as friends.And America as the biggest enemy. Ahmadinejad is going to be sacked soon after the elections.
    The show must go on, come on guys, let’s have a little fun in this crazed world.God Bless.

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