Colombia, luxury destination according to US travel guide

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If in past decades it was crazy to think in Colombia as a tourist destination, things are changing. The interest for the South American nation is growing, especially in US and Europe that used to regard Colombia as a pariah country and a dangerous spot.

But is it true that Colombia is a safe place to plan your next summer? At least it is what is said for well known tourist guides and agencies in the last years. But in this time Colombia has been placed as a luxury destination by the Luxury Latin American tourist website from US that focused on upscale travel in the Americas and reviews the best hotels in the region.

Recently the LLA ( has made a review of the best Colombian hotels according to international standards and has recommend the country as a luxury and safe destination, especially to cities like Cartagena de Indias and Santa Marta in the northern Caribbean coastline and the Andean capital, Bogotá.

Timothy Scott, editor of the online publication of the site, answered to the always worrying question if is it safe to visit a nation that overwhelms the news with violence and political conflicts:

“Old perceptions die hard, but Colombia tourism has been rising at a double-digit percentage pace for several years now as the safety situation and infrastructure have both improved. Reader e-mails and site searches have both made it clear that interest in Colombia travel is rising rapidly as intrepid travelers try to stay ahead of the mass tourism crowds.”

Colombia is anymore for just tourist packers and adventurers or for business people who visit the country only for seminars and investment, it is already for luxury travelers that will find all the infrastructure and attention of any well reputed world area.

In a country with a huge territory like Colombia – the side of Portugal, Spain and France combined, it is possible to find whatever, from exotic and tropical beaches to snowed mountains, and from the rich fauna and flora of its jungles to modern cities like Bogotá, Medellín and Cali. The country has agencies that offer tours to all those places having account of all measures of security and avoiding the non-going areas, suggested the US travel website.

The same site has created its own section to review the top hotels in the country, especially the ones of the capital and the Caribbean coasts. Among them, Playa Koralia Eco lodge near Santa Marta, artistic boutique hotel La Pasion in Cartagena de Indias, and historic landmark Hotel La Opera in Bogotá.

Santa Marta, one of the oldest cities of the Americas, the place where Libertador Simon Bolívar died in 1830, has the most beautiful beaches of the continent and it is at only 25 miles of the summits of Santa Marta Snowed Mountain, the world highest mountain so near to the sea. Cartagena de Indias by its part has the biggest Spaniard fortress of the 17th century in the Americas and has been appreciated as one of the most beautiful cities of South America. Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, is a huge and modern metropolis on the top of the Andean ranges.

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  1. Linda M

    I couldn’t find any reference to the site you mentioned or the press release, but it looks like this is it? Luxury Latin America –

    Reviews of some nice hotels I wish I could stay in there.

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