Welcome to Colombia without visa, said President Uribe

· Economics, Tourism

Does your country ask visa to Colombians? Then, Colombia does not ask visa to you

Bogotá. President Álvaro Uribe said today in Corferias that Colombia will facilitate the coming of international tourism for example abolishing visas. His statement was given during the opening of the 28th Tourist Exposition of the Colombian Association of Travel and Tourism.

“They can come without visa, with the most simple document of identity of their country. They can put to us Colombians all the difficulties they want, but here, we are going to give them facilities,” said Uribe

The president of the Colombians said that his government will continue fighting a global campaign in order to make more easy for Colombians to travel abroad. Currently, almost all nations ask Colombian citizens visa and in several cases applying for a visa, like one of tourism or business, can be a painful process.

All South American countries, with the exception of the Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, do not ask visa to Colombians. In the Latin American context, Mexico is very strict in asking visa to its Latin Americans partners, while asking in Bogotá a visa to USA is almost as buying a lottery and waiting the result.

Before the establishing of the European Community, countries so near to the history and culture of Colombia like Spain and Italy did not ask visa, but it was put as a condition by the economic continental integration as a measure to control migration. However, migration has been so high now as it was before the visa.

“It is very clear for us: any country asking visa to Colombians, we are going to remove such condition for its citizens if they want to come here. In this days somebody told me: ´President, in that country… they are putting to us visa as a condition to visit. Then, we have to ask visa to its citizens as well.´ Then I answered: ´No, no, no. All of them can come in here. If they do not want our tourism to come to them, we are not going to fight it. They can put us all the difficulties they want to us, but we are going to give to them all the facilities.”, said the president.

President Uribe said that Colombia, in promoting its touristic places, is generating also social cohesion. That is also a reason why Colombia became a tourist destination and an attractive place for foreign investment and also for that, visitors will have facilities to come, he said.

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