Viña del Mar likes Juanes

· Culture
Photo from the Juanes Official Website

Photo from the Juanes Official Website

The Colombian rock star Juanes was the figure in the traditional Viña del Mar International Song Festival of Chile, one of the most important artistic events in Latin America. The singer was acclaimed by a public that sang together his music, especially his recent Grammy album “La vida es un ratico” (Life is Just a Moment.)

The show with Juanes was schedules for 45 minutes, but it had to be extended for more than one hour. He received some awards from the public of Viña del Mar – known in the Latin American music shows as “The Monster” because their brutal honesty of their criticism.

He got the Golden and Silver Torch and the Seagull of Silver, the maximum awards of Viña del Mar for the most popular singers.

The spectacle in the Chilean city was assisted for more than 15 thousand persons and Juanes said “I fall in love with Chile, Viña, its women and its food.”

Other important figures of the Spanish music that were enjoyed by Viña del Mar were the Chilean soprano Verónica Villarroel, the Spaniard Joan Manuel Serrat and the Mexican group Camilla.

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