Juanes, his Grammy to the Farc hostages

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Juanes, Grammy best pop album "La vida es un ratico", dedicated to the hostages of the Farc guerrillas.

Juanes, Grammy best pop album "La vida es un ratico", dedicated to the hostages of the Farc guerrillas.

“La vida es un ratico” (The Life is Just a Moment), was the Juanes´ song to be awarded with the best pop album Grammy. The Colombian composer and singer dedicated it to the hostages of the Farc guerrilla. The Argentinian producer Gustavo Santaolalla received the Grammy in the name of Juanes. Santaolalla was the producer of the album and said in the event that Juanes inspired people as an artists and as a person.

Juanes could not be present at the ceremony, but he thanked through his official website. He manifested that he wanted to dedicate the recognition to all those persons who are in the forest far from freedom and the hope of all Colombians for their release.

The Mexican Jaguares got also the Grammy for the album “45” of 45 minutes and he dedicated also the prize to the million of Mexicans who live in extreme poverty.

“La vida es un ratico” is the title of the album and it can be translated as “The Life is Just a Moment”. It was inspired in a conversation that Juanes had with his mother. The artist was worry and the mother said “the life is just a moment”.

The sentence belongs to the popular wisdom of the Colombian culture. A little existentialist, of course, it means to stop worrying and get to work. The songs of Juanes are based without doubt in the popular background of his land and people. It must be one of the many elements that make him one of the most popular Spanish-speaking pop-rock figure of our time.

In “La vida es un ratico” Juanes reminds us that we have to profit our life that is short and can pass quickly, giving importance to what is real important, like the persons who are near, the family, the friends and the things we love. It keeps a real spiritual philosophy of personal freedom, peace and transcendence of life.

In this sense, it has an even greater meaning dedicated to those who live as death in the Colombian forest retained by a group that supposes to fight for freedom and equal opportunities for all. Persons who are kidnapped for almost a decade, far from their loved ones.

The album is a fusion of rock and Colombian and Latin American music in native interpretations like Guasca, Cumbia, Vallenato, Boleto and Tango.


1. No Creo En El Jamas (I do not believe in The Never)
2. Clase De Amor (Lesson of Love)
3. Me Enamora (It makes me love)
4. Hoy Me Voy (Today I go)
5. La Vida Es Un Ratico (Life is Just a Moment)
6. Gotas De Agua Dulce (Sweet Drop of Water)
7. La Mejor Parte De Mi (The Best Part of Me)
8. Minas Piedras (Stony Mine)
9. Tu Y Yo (You and Me)
10. Bailala (Dance It)
11. Difícil (Difficult)
12. Tres (Three)
13. Bandera De Manos (Flag of Hands)
14. Bandera De Manos [2] (Flag of Hands 2)

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