World leaders looking solutions for crisis

· Economics


By Albeiro Rodas | Art by Haro

Asia | ColPass. While many stand to wait a magician act from new US president Obama to resolve the most irresponsible financial crisis of the modern times, political leaders look for solutions in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland in the annual World Economic Forum that will end tomorrow. There have been tips that should be taken seriously, like to state a global cooperation and fiscal and monetary policy measures to stabilize the economical crush.

Four of the leaders at Davos-Klosters, among them president Felipe Calderon of Mexico, called for a world coordinated action on a number of fronts. The other leaders were British premier Gordon Brown, South African premier Kgalema Motlanthe and South Korean premier Han Seung-Soo.

There is no other way: the financial crisis is global, therefore, the solutions should be global. Things would not be resolved just by United States, even if the financial Tsunami began over there.

For German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “the central task of politicians now is to restore the ability of markets to function, thereby creating a new trust, on a sounder footing.” Merkel called on a new set of rules and overhaul of the global financial system and the adoption of a post-crisis charter for a global economic order.

Crisis are also opportunities: the opportunity to do things better. Globalization joined the world in an unprecedented way during the last decades. on globalization is settled also the bases of this global crisis. On globalization must be settled the solutions. The world is already a village: the crisis taught us.

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