Colombia waits hostages release by Farc

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ingrid-betancourt     La lider politica Ingrid Betancourt, excandidata presidencial en las elecciones de 2002, fue secuestrada por las Farc y retenida hasta que una operación militar del Ejército de Colombia la rescató en julio de 2008. Su cautiverio contribuyó a llamar la atención internacional sobre el drama del secuestro politico en Colombia.

Ingrid Betancourt by Haro

Medellín | ColPass. Colombians wait that this coming Sunday the Farc guerrillas will release six of the hostages according to their promise on 21rst of December. “We wait to know that six of those persons hold by the guerrilla, are free. It is like they belong to our own family“, said a mother of family in Medellín.

At the same time, the government of president Álvaro Uribe announced in Switzerland that if Farc demobilizes, free all the hostages and enter into civil life, they will have guaranteed on freedom and recompense.

Uribe made his statement in a press conference in the World Economic Forum of Davos. He said that the government will not give neither amnesty nor pardon, but freedom and recompense to those Farc members that give up and free hostages.

Senator Piedad Córdoba, who coordinates a group of Colombian intellectuals that are helping in the mediation of the promised Farc release of six hostages, said that she hopes that this release will open the gates to more hostages freedom.

The religious leaders of the Colombian Catholic Church, the biggest religious group in the country, ordered a religious ceremony of thanksgiving in all the parishes nationwide for the event that is considered one of the most important gestures of peace made by the eldest communist guerrilla of the world.

By its part, the Colombian army announced that military operations are suspended for 36 hours in the areas identified areas for the hostages release. The State of Caqueta, south of Colombia, is the first area where the possible release will take place this Sunday, according with official statements. Caqueta is an undeveloped area of jungles just at the south of the Andes ranges.

Brazil was selected as the country to guarantee the security and sound of the humanitarian operation. The International Red Cross and a group of Colombian intellectuals leaded by Sen. Piedad Córdoba, are also involved in the promise of release a group of six hostages as a gesture of good will in the humanitarian interchange and peace dialogues from the Farc guerrillas.

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