Uribe would not run for next elections

· Politic

President Álvaro Uribe would not run for third presidential period according to the words of journalist Ana Mercedes Gómez Martínez, director of El Colombia newspaper of Medellín. The journalist made public the statement of the president saying that she has authorization to say it and that it is sure that he will not present his name for a third period as president of Colombia. Her statement was published by Caracol, a national radio broadcasting.

Hoy por Hoy is one of the programs of Caracol and Gómez Martínez confirmed that it is a personal decision of president Uribe. The journalist said also that in this way the political uncertainty about the president decision to run or not for the next election is over.

President Uribe is currently in Switzerland where he is participating in the World Economical Forum of Davos.

Journalist Gómez Martínez said that she can not reveal the source, but it was one very near to the president. She assured that the information was true.

Uribe asked the most near political allies to his government to propose a candidate that will continue the unity of the current democratic security, trusted investment and social cohesion of his mandate, said Gómez Martínez.

The Conservative Party opened already inscriptions to present its own candidate for the 2010 elections in Colombia. By the other part, the minority parties loyal to Uribe are promoting the election of a unified candidate.

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