Colombia among the first tourist destination for Chileans in time of crisis

· Latin America, Tourism

chilecolombiaOne way to measure the economy of a nation is tourism. Of course, not coming tourism, but the tourism that the country produces outside. If its citizens go around the world very often, no like migrants, but to see the world, take many pictures and return home, then it means that economy is going well there. Chile is one of those countries to prove it. Before the global recession, Chileans organized their summers in Europe, Caribbean Islands and United States. However, the crisis did not affected the will of the Chileans to see other countries. Just they changed their destinations for cheaper ones and Colombia became one of those places.

According to El Mercurio, the national tourism going outside Chile decreased 15 percent this Austral summer of vacations in comparison with numbers of 2008. But the tourist agencies just changed destinies to keep the pockets of the Chilean travelers with near and cheaper places.

The world financial crisis could not stop the will of the Chilean travelers to visit other countries. Just it changed their places from far and expensive Europe or US to the same South America in countries like Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

The commercial manager of Travel Company, Fernando Catalán, said to El Mercurio, that the agencies decreased the costs of the tours. It was also possible due to the decrease of the prizes of oil.

By the other hand, Colombia became a safer place, although its political conflict still on the move. The country promotes itself as a resume of several tourist proposals that attract Chileans: It has Caribbean cities and islands like Cartagena de Indias or the San Andrés Archipelago, natural beaches in its Pacific coasts, modern cities like Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Bucaramanga, Andean views with natural parks and traditional towns and huge regions of jungle, although these last ones are not recommended for foreign visitors.

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