Alo President? – ¿Sí Presidente? Obama called Uribe

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Uribe in Europe to participate in the World Economic Forum

The possibilities of a meeting between Obama and Uribe became almost a myth. The first ally of Bush in the Western Hemisphere and the new president of the United States that has opposed the approval of the free trade agreement with Colombia due to unsatisfied reports on human rights, had this Tuesday their first direct contact. President Obama called Uribe and the conclusion was satisfactory for Casa de Nariño that published in the presidential website that the conversation lasted ten minutes.

The dialogue was constructive and promising, said the official communicated of the Colombian presidency. It was a conversation of ten minutes by phone between president Barack Obama and president Álvaro Uribe.

The official communication of Casa de Nariña says that both presidents talked about issues of interests for both nations.

It says also that the conversation was friendly and constructive.

Before the Obama´s phone call, the Secretary of State of the United States, Hillary Clinton, called the Colombian Chancellor Jaime Bermúdez.

The event is a meaningful gesture of the administration of Obama toward Colombia in a time of rumors and political uncertainties have filled the atmosphere about the relations between US and Colombia under the new US administration.

The call was done few hours before Uribe began a travel to Europe to discuss commercial relations with the Old Continent.

President Uribe will participate in the World Economic Forum of Davos-Kloster, Switzerland (28th Jan – 1rst Feb) that focuses in “Shaping the Post-Crisis World”. He will look for opportunities of investment for the nation and will have meetings with important European leaders.

He intends  to meet primer minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turky and primer minister Anders Rasmussen of Denmark. After the Forum, he will travel to Germany to meet Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, the German ministers and the Parlament of that nation.

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