The world will witness the transformation of Colombia by Medellín

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Interview to Mateo Restrepo, Manager of the Assembly of Governors of DIB

"The world will witness the transformation of Colombia through Medellin"

Mateo Restrepo, manager of the Assembly: "The world will witness the transformation of Colombia through Medellín"

Medellín is getting ready for the Assembly of Governors of the Development Inter-American Bank, DIB, between 27 and 31rst of March. It is expected the assistance of about 4 thousand international experts to the second largest economical city of Colombia in Plaza Mayor, its center for congresses and seminars. Mateo Restrepo is the manager in the organization of the Assembly and he speaks about the importance of the event.

Give us a good reason to visit Medellín during the Assembly of Governors of DIB?

Mateo Restrepo (MR): Colombia is at the center of the hemisphere. It is the central spot between North and South America. It is also known as the Door of South America.

The country has shown in recent years a sustainable development in its economical growing at the point that it is seem nowadays is one of the most interesting economical destinies of the world.

The city is seem as an example of social investment with surprising results. It is at the top of urban transformation in the last years. This is the reason to chose Medellín as the host city, for its top social and urban transformations in the last years.

Even if it is well known that security has improved in Medellín and Colombia, many persons, especially from abroad, continue to associate the city with violence. How are you going to guarantee security? Is ready the city to receive four thousand national and international visitors?

MR: The Plaza Mayor architectural complex will be the central place of the Assembly of DIB Medellín 2009. It has more than 300 thousand meters squares. Inside such area there are also other places like the Palace of Expositions, the Center of Congresses and the Metropolitan Theater. Those places are symbols of the city and they have about one thousand persons working as human resource to support, organize and welcome more than 4 thousand national and international guests that will join the Assembly. Further than this, in coordination with the Forces of Security of the State, there will be more than 2 thousand men to guarantee tranquility to the participants.

Besides the Assembly and its academic activities, does Medellín have other offers for tourism?

MR: Medellín has a good tourist infrastructure. It has hotels of 3, 4 and 5 stars, 35 commercial centers, 130 restaurants that have been classified as excellent spots of service and quality, 55 movie houses, 30 stages of theater 25 museums, 2 airports and an efficient system of public transportation that is unique in the country.

Any thing to say to those who prepare themselves to visit Medellín during the 2009 Assembly of the DIB?

MR: Colombia has assumed the compromise in the preparation of this Assembly that is also the 50th Anniversary of the DIB. We want that this will be a historical event not only for Colombia, but also to the international community. The world will witness the transformation of Colombia through Medellín. I am sure that the guests will live an unforgettable experience.

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