Double heart and lung transplant in Medellín

· Health

Medellín | ColPass. While in US the birth of eight babies from a single mother is news, in Colombia the success in a double operation of transplant of heart and lung has gotten the attention of the media. The surgery was practiced in a boy of 15 years old who had defects in the heart atria. The congenital problem derived in a damage to his lungs.

The difficult surgery was practiced by the Santa Maria Cardiovascular Clinic of Medellín and became the first operation of this type to be made in Colombia.

Surgean Juan Camilo Jaramillo was the leader of the surgery on a teenager with a team of six other doctors with a high specialization in the matter.

Medellín is also well known for the development in the area of medicine. From transplants of organs to aesthetic surgery, the clinics, hospitals and schools of medicine of Medellín have been nationally and internationally recognized for their researches.

According to the last reports of the Clinic, the boy has assimilated the three organs. The surgery lasted more than six hours and there were transplanted a heart and the two lungs.

No doubt, the success of the operation means a step in the development of medicine in the country and the hope for many persons with problems of heart.

Medellín was also the first city of Colombia to practice a heart transplant in 1985.

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