A Colombian, victim of violence in New Jersey

· Latin America, Society, Violence

Wilter Sánchez, a 33 years old Colombian living in New Jersey, was victim of a violent attack last Wednesday. He was walking with his cousin Fernando Quincha toward a restaurant, when a car approached to them. The car stopped and five men came out. Fearing an attack, bot began to run, but Sánchez slipped on the snow. The five men kicked him in the face while shouting “Hispano” and insults.

The Colombian Consul in New York, Francisco Noguera-Rocha, asked the authorities to investigate and punish the victimizers, while asking to stop any violence against Latin Americans in the State.

Rocha-Noguera said that the Latin American populations have contributed to the economical development and this kind of aggressions are detrimental for the community.

Last November an Ecuadorian was murdered when he was walking with a friend in Patchoque, Long Island. The murderers were six teenagers. After the tragic event, several Latin Americans denounced to the authorities cases of violence against the community, motivating the Department of Justice to open an investigation.

In December other Ecuadorian, José Sucuzhañay, was also attacked by Afro-Americans in Brooklyn. Sucuzhañaz died days after.

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