Chile should be First World for 2020

· Economics, Latin America

las_condesChile should be a country of the so called First World for 2020. At least it is the will of the government of president Michele Bachelet. It was in 2008 when the Minister of Public Works launched a challenging project in infrastructures to develop the country with the year 2020 in mind: the country should be at that time a developped nation.

To do that, the government announced this year the investment of more funds per 700 million dollars to face the financial crisis.

Minister Sergio Bitar said in an interview with AméricaEconomía, that it intends to increase infrastructure and national development in order to become a developed country.

At the end of the Bachelet’s government, investment in public work would reach the historical number of 3 thousand million dollars, according to Min. Bitar. President Bachelet said few weeks ago that will implement a special plan to increase employment and economical growing.

The Minister suggested that the results will be seen in 2010, although the budget for this year includes some works already.

Chile has put 2020 as the goal for its ambitions. In fact, it is considered one of the most stable economies of Latin America, the most peaceful nation of the Western Hemisphere and a solid democracy. “We are discussing which country we want and reaching conclusions about the design of that country,” said Bitar to AméricaEconomía, the Latin American economical magazine.

He said also that Chile is the first Latin American country with the most developed infrastructure. Investment in infrastructure is the one that goes together with education, the most important investment in a country, said the Minister. Infrastructure and education are the bases of a nation.

Asked by AméricaEconomía for those big infrastructures, Min Bitar speaks about big roads like the one that would connect the south with the north of Chile in more than 3,800 kilometers (2,361 miles) and other roads that would benefit the tourist industry. Other projects have to see with airports and ports and a connection with Brazil through Bolivia.

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