Colombian flowers for St. Valentine

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Authors will give Colombian flowers in St. Valentine day again. About two million boxes will leave the South American country to reach the US markets this week, according to reports of Asocolflores to Caracol broadcasting.

August Solano, the president of the Federation of flower growers of Colombia, said to the radio station today that this week there will be a huge exportation of flowers to the North American country for the traditional celebration of St. Valentine in 14th of February.

However, the Colombian businessman was a little worry for the conditions of the American economy this time. United States buys the 80 percent of the Colombian production in flowers. With the recession, products like flowers are less bought.

By St. Valentine, Colombia uses to export the 20 percent of the annual selling to US. Colombia exports flowers also to Asia and Europe and its flowers are considered among the best. The main center of production of flowers is Antioquia with its capital, Medellín, where it is celebrated the Flower Festival in August.

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  1. Jairo Cadavid

    Muchísimas gracias por ayudarnos a divulgar noticias positivas de la floricultura colombiana.

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