An aerial tramway for the Chicamocha National Park

· Tourism

The Chicamocha Aerial Tramway. Photo Chicamocha National Park

Now it is possible to contemplate the fascinating views of the Chicamocha canyon, the second largest of the world, in a modern aerial tramway. Near Bucaramanga, the canyon was declared natural park in 2006 and soon attracted national and foreign visitors to see one of the most famous geographical accidents of the Colombian Andes. Yesterday president Uribe inaugurated the aerial tramway.

The tree stations are located in Mesa de los Santos, Chicamocha river and the National Park of Chicamocha. The aerial tramway spends 22 minutes.

The canyon is made by the fragments of a rocky mountain divided by the meeting of two rivers, Fonce and Suárez. Geologically, it is made by the detachment of tectonic faults.

The geological accident is located among the region of Mesa de los Santos until the city of Bucaramanga.

In December 2006 was opened the National Park along the canyon. As it is near to Bucaramanga, one of the largest Colombian cities, it has a high number of visitors. The park includes the municipality of Bucaramanga, capital of the State of Santander and the city of San Gil. The park has an extension of 264 hectares.

Visitors can not see only the spectacular views of a deep canyon, but it became a tourist spot with traditional towns, spaces for cultural performances and viewpoints. Sport is also frequent in the region with activities like cycling, camping, walking, horses, fishing, paragliding and many other in a place where nature, space and security are everywhere.

The aerial tramway of the Chicamocha National Park is already an attraction: it has an extension of 6,2 kilometers (4.5 miles) of extension. It has 39 cabins and it can transport 500 passengers in an hour with a velocity of six meters per second.

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