Obama with a Colombian bulletproof vest

· Culture, Society

We still to know how would be the relations between Obama and Uribe, but it seems that the relations Obama and Caballero are at their highest ranking. At least the elconfidencial.com digital magazine from Spain is suggesting that president Obama wore the bulletproof vest designed by the Colombian fashion designer.

The Spaniard magazine, a virtual media between politics, fashion and society in the European country, said that the “brand” president (as the magazine wrote), dressed up a design of the Colombian Miguel Caballero, a very popular fashion designer in Latin America and specialized in bulletproof vests.

For his security, there was not only the shielded limousine, but many other measures to protect a president who likes to be among the people, something that makes more difficult his protection.

To design a bulletproof vest is not just create a strong material like the Middle Age armors. It must be slight to avoid easy movement, for example in a dance.

Although the secret service did not confirmed the information to the Spaniard magazine, it speculates that the vest should be made with a material similar to Kevlar, able to resist a shoot of 9 millimeters.

During the dance at the White House, Obama wore a custom gala, also made by the same material.

The comment of elconfidencial.com ended with an appreciation for the work of Caballero with a little fun:

By the way, this Colombian has an infallible control of quality: he shoots an employee to proof the quality of the final product.

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