What Uribe and Chávez will talk in Cartagena

· Economics, Latin America

The two most famous presidents of the Americas will meet in Cartagena de Indias at the end of this month. On 24th January Álvaro Uribe of Colombia and Hugo Chávez of Venezuela will have a meeting to discuss the effects of the financial crisis in the two South American nations.

Uribe and Chávez has been involved in long discussion throughout their long governments, Both of them have also a high popularity in their countries. While Uribe is seem always is a representative of the right win and liberal economy and the strongest ally of the former US government, Hugo Chávez has led a socialist campaign in the Hemisphere supporting socialist governments like Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba.

The discussion over the Farc guerrillas has been also the main spot of discussion between the two South American leaders.

But this time they are not going to talk about politics and Farc. In this opportunity they are going to face another common enemy: the global economical recession that is already affecting the two economies.

Colombia is one of the biggest markets of South America and Venezuela is the first American producer of oil.

Uribe and Chávez want to join in the idea of cushion the effects of the recession and avoid a deterioration in the national economies.

Colombia and Venezuela have also one of the most active commercial interchange of the continent, that has not been reduced even in the most deep debates among both presidents.

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