The “Friends of David Murcia” to the rescue

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“Amigos de David Murcia”, a group leaded by the Brazilian Alex Ventura from New York, intends to gather funds for the legal defend of the brain of DMG, the company at the top of the biggest financial scandal of the history of Colombia and maybe Latin America. But many do not think as the Colombian prosecutors that stated that DMG was involved in criminal activities like money laundering. For the friends of Murcia, it is a great financial project that would support the development of poor communities in Latin America, so it can not die.

The website has already a big rank and it uses the same ideologies of Murcia, referring for example to their associated as “DMG Family.” Murcia, who is in a prison in Bogotá waiting a court ruling for his activities in what is called the “pyramid crisis,” is a charismatic businessman who was able to build a strong company in a system that is accused of being a pyramid, although it is not fully demonstrated.

In the entrance of the website, the president of the new foundation, Alexandre Ventura and José Cortés as international spokesman, starts with “Amada Familia DMG”, “Loved DMG Family”, using a term of Murcia to refer to all the investors of the DMG company.

Ventura said in his website that it is necessary to meet in order to fight for the rights of the DMG family and that the headquarters of the Fundation is in New York. The main goal is getting funds to defend David Murcia Guzmán and all the persons that were captured by the Colombian authorities.

He said also that it has the intention to reduce the damage made by what he calls the irregular intervention of the company, making the crush in the interests of all the DMG family that mean suppliers, employees and investors, among others.

The website proposes the generation of social works in disadvantage communities in Latin America like restaurants for children from poor communities, support for victims of natural disasters, construction of schools, etc.

The Colombian authorities have not given any report about the creation of “Fundación Amigos de David Murcia”. By other hand, any of the persons that figure in the list of members of the foundation, has not been involved in the same accusations that brought Murcia, León and others to face Colombian tribunals accused of money laundering.

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  1. Douglas Choy

    For details of Mr Alexandre Ventura’s Panama activities see his website:

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