Spain would accept the prisoners of Guantanamo

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Spain would accept the prisoners of Guantanamo as a way to help the project of president Obama to close that prison, said president Zapatero. The president of the Spaniards talk in the Congress about the new US president, Barack Obama. He said that hopes the Guantanamo prison will be closed soon, He pointed out that it is a responsibility of the North American administration, but he is ready to help in such campaign.

The government of Rodríguez Zapataro kept a prudent distance from the government of president George Bush. Zapatero analyzed the first speech of Obama in his possession as president of the United States. The Spaniard president said that the idea of the reduction of the role of the State in the public sector was a dogma of the US policies. In his opinion, Obama has a sign of identity of pure social democracy that is Liberalism in US terms and that defers from what it is in Europe.

Guantanamo, a place under the US administration in the Cuban island, has 250 prisoners captured in Iraq and Afghanistan as suspects of terrorism. The prison was a part of the Bush program against global terrorism. Guantanamo became a black spot in the foreign US relations. Several organizations have accused US of torture and violation of the human rights in Guantanamo.

Although many of the prisoners have been classified as real dangerous, most of them have not charges. If any of them could be linked to a criminal activity, their ruling would be declared illegal because most of them have been tortured.

The discussion about Guantanamo will be at its high level next 26 of January when the foreign ministries of the European Union will talk about the issue.

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  1. coffee

    Obama is smart on so many levels for ordering the closure of Guantanamo. It has been a long time coming

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