Learn how to taste wine in Antioquia

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Although Colombia is not famous for its wines and it has not a high production in this delicious and international product, Envigado will be the seat for an interesting school this coming month: “How to taste wine.” The course will be leaded by the Egyptian Magdy Shehata of the famous British Cruiser Queen Elizabeth II in the Otraparte Museum in Envigado.

In South America, the names of the best wines are associated to Chile and Ecuador. As for Colombia, a country with not fine vineyards, wine is a product for import. Rum and aguardiente are the rude kings of the tropical nation.

But still you can fine the best international brands in any good restaurant of the main Colombian cities. In this case, wine is not a foreign liquor in Colombia.

Wine is familiar to the most selected tastes in the country. It is present also in any feast to all the social sectors, even in local brands. When the Colombian philosopher, being consul of his country in Geneva, wrote to his father-in-law, the former president of the Republic, Carlos E. Restrepo, he said: “Dear doctor Carlos E. Restrepo, here in Geneva there is also beauty, but there is not the companion of all of you, not the wine that tastes good in your company.” It proofs that wine is not absent from the Colombian culture.

For this reason, the Otraparte Museum in the traditional Paisa city of Envigado in the Antioquia State, has organized this school of taste for the lovers of wine.

On 9th of February will start the course leaded by Magdy Shehata, an Egyptian that works in the well known Queen Elizabeth II Cruiser and that has been above the seas for 15 years. He is praised to have visited numberless vineyards around the world and, of course, tasted all of them.

Now, far from the sea, about 1,500 meters up the sea level, in one of the most beautiful and traditional cities of the Colombian Andes, Envigado, Shehata will teach to the Paisas and other visitors how to taste the good wine.

The students of so delicious school will know the best branches of the world, from nations like France, Spain, Italy, Germany, South America and the United States.

They will know how to distinguish the different kind of grapes, how to read the branch, how to taste the wine, how to match the wine with the meals and how to serve the wine.

The course will be of ten hours in five sessions. They will taste 19 kinds of grapes every Monday from 19:30 to 21:30.

The future past pupils of the school will open the new club of wine at town and that intend to meet every month to practice what they learned.

The lessons will be done at the Otraparte Museum with a total costs of 90 dollars (180 thousand pesos.)

Envigado is one of the municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of Medellín, at the southeast of El Poblado District. It is one of the main tourists spots of the Aburrá Valley with excellent hotels and clubs. The town is a traditional and modern place with a high level of security for national and international visitors.

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