A month after of the Farc promise

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The promise of the Farc guerrillas to free some of the hostages at the beginning of January, met a month already. The guerrillas communicated on 21rst of December that they would release some of the hostages as a proof of their willing of a dialogue of peace and a humanitarian interchange. They said also that the release will be done through a group of Colombian intellectuals leaded by Senator Piedad Córdoba. But this month of waiting has been only of debates.

Sen Córdoba, one of the main political opponents of president Uribe, leads a group of intellectuals willing to be mediators in the process of a humanitarian interchange between the government and the Farc guerrillas.

With the delays for the release, Minister of Defense, Juan Manuel Santos, accused Senator Córdoba of a political show. The other hot spot in the promised release has been the participation of an international nation, proposed by the Farc but unaccepted by the government.

The names of some well known international human rights activists as guarantee for the release made by senator Córdoba, was answered by president Uribe with the invitation of the Catholic Church to mediate in the issue. But the president did not consult it first with the Church, causing a diplomatic uneasy in the Vatican.

Yesterday, Minister Santos said that the promised release was frozen by the Farc and that it is normal of that organization to lie to the public opinion.

Few hours after Senator Piedad Córdoba said to the public opinion that the promised release has started already and that there was the support of a third country different to Venezuela and Ecuador. The Senator did not say the name of such country for “prudent reasons.” However, there is not yet a communication from any source that the release has been done.

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