Uribe’s popularity declined, but remains the first


The popularity of the presidency of Colombian Álvaro Uribe has been the highest of the Americas since his first election in 2001. He was able to open gates of hope for a country that was under the reign of terror between communist guerrillas, paramilitary groups, mafia and urban violence in the main Colombian cities. Even cases of corruption, the para-politics judicial process and the never satisfied reports on human rights, Uribe has kept his image up to be able to apply for a third period in the next referendum to the Constitution to allow such.

With Lula de Silva of Brazil and Rafael Correa of Ecuador, Uribe shared a 70% in popularity, with a slight decline in the last months due to the pyramid crisis.

The evaluation of the popularity of the American presidents was done by the Mexican Consulta Mitofsky.

Uribe declined to a 70 percent of popularity, but remained one of the more popular president together with Lula da Silva and Correa.

In a second group of popularity are Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, Felipe Calderón of Mexico, Fernando Lugo of Paraguary, Evo Morales of Bolivia and Antonio Saca of El Salvador.

Mitofsky included also the elected president of the United States, Barack Obama, who is located among the highest in popularity.

In a middle rank of between 40 and 50 percent, there are Tabaré Ramos of Uruguay; Álvaro Colom of Guatemala; Martín Torrijos of Panamá; Michelle Bachelet of Chile and Oscar Arias of Costa Rica. Torrijos declined and Bachelet rose 4 scores.

Among the less popular – 35 to 40 percent, were Leonel Fernández of Dominican Republic; Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, who rose this time some scores and Stephen Harper of Canada.

The less popular of the Americas, with less than 30 percent, were president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina; the leaving president of the United States, George Bush; Manuel Zelaya of Honduras and Alan García of Peru. President García rose some scores, but could not leave the group of the less popular presidents.


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