Obama writes history

· Culture, Politic, Society

There are two things to say about the new president of the United States: First, that he is going to be the president of the United States in its full meaning. Second, that he is writing history in United States, but also in the world.

If some people out of the United States think that Obama will change the role of what has been his country during the last 100 years, because he is black, are mistaken. Obama will be the president of the US citizens as much as Bush, Reagan, Carter and all the white US presidents. For this reason, he was elected the president.

It means that he is going to work for the interests of the United States inside and outside the United States.

It is possible that he will do things that will benefit other countries and peoples. But those things will be done only if they fit the US interests at all. Obama is not the Pope of Rome and he is not called to be. He is expected to be the president of the first global economy. Hopefully, he is expected to follow policies that will bring US out of the recession and the aggressive image that US got since the Iraq invasion. These two things would benefit not only the US citizens, but the international community as a whole.

The second thing we can predict is that Obama is a historical event. It means that he became a symbol of a real democracy, freedom and hope. Only the fact that a black person became president of the most powerful economic and military nation of the world, is a strong sign of hope for the entire humanity. This is a precedent that has been possible only in ancient times, for example during the reign of the black Pharaohs in the ancient powerful empire of Egypt. Even a religious system that proclaim universality and equal conditions like the Catholic Church, has not been able to allow that a non-European or a non-Caucasian person become a Pope of Rome, for example.

The message given with the election of Obama is directed to the world. It puts us in front of the real meaning of democracy and how a group that has suffered from discrimination, has been able to fight pacifically its fully participation in the political life of its country. Only for this reason, the world should say to the US electors of Obama: Thank you.

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