Farc, a drug cartel, said Uribe in Panama

· Conflict, Latin America, Violence

The Farc guerrillas made one of the biggest cartels of drug trafficking of the world, said president Álvaro Uribe in a meeting with the presidents of Panama, Guatemala and Mexico to discuss agreements to fight organized crime in the region. President Uribe argued that the communist guerrilla known as Farc, is one of the biggest cartels of drugs. Farc is also the oldest insurgent group of the world created in the 1960s. Since them, it has followed a persistent fight against any Colombian government looking to establish a communist state. Farc has been also classified as a terrorist group by Bogotá, United States and the European community, but some countries like Venezuela and Ecuador restrained from give such title. It has also a big number of hostages, most of them soldiers and policemen. President Uribe met his colleagues Felipe Calderón from Mexico, Álvaro Colom from Guatemala and Martín Torrijos from Panama. President Calderón declared a frontal war against drug mafias in Mexico, an event that rose the numbers of murders and violence in the country. However, the nets of drug deals can be connected throughout the Americas. Colombia, Central America and Mexico are a natural bridge for mafias to bring drugs in the black markets of the United States. Uribe said that crime does not respect borders and laws and does not have nationality. In several occasions, a criminal group seems to respect the laws of a country, but commit its crimes in the next one, a reason to work together, said Uribe.

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