DMG will be on the move for a longtime


DMG is not over and will be on the move for a longtime not only in Colombia but in other countries. At least it can be deducted after the announcement of the creation of a fund organization with that very acronym to support the defense of David Murcia Guzman – DMG stands as an acronym of his name. In this case Alexandre Ventura, a Brazilian business man, is committed to continue the idea. 

The case is not so simple like closing the company that became in the space of one year one of the biggest financial empires of Colombia and even Latin America. The story is just starting and it will be another long chapter of the national history.

More enigmatic is the person behind what some means of communication call the biggest fraud in the Colombian history. A young man of just 28 years old and without any title in economics from any standing university of Colombia or elsewhere, could build a financial empire that checkmate banks, financial scholars, journalists and politicians.

Even more: David Murcia Guzman could do in few months what the radical political opponents of the current government were unable to do in eight years: to reduce the popularity of president Uribe just at the doors of a political referendum that would claim for a third reelection.

Something is true: we have to read the case with more attention and take seat in the events to come in a country learned to look for scapegoats to hide deep and complex realities.

Once again the Colombian reality has to see with an old problem: social inequalities. In the DMG case we find again two versions of the problem: a late reacting judicial system looking to condemn scapegoats and claim victory, and the confusing speech of a part of the people defending persons like Murcia.

I am not going to condemn Murcia in this space, because it is not a tribunal. My duty is to say what is happening on the news in Colombia. But it is possible to rise a question: What happens in Colombia that the most simple people goes behind this kind of proposals like easy money investment, drug trade and many others?

We are not comparing Murcia with Pablo Escobar, the strongest chief of the Colombian mafias, but we are comparing the support of the poor for these two figures of our history with the same passion. They became popular heroes and in a deep way they are so.

The case calls on the needs of Colombians, those who made more than the fifty percent of the population. The ones who live with salaries of less than 200 US dollars per month. The farmers that prefer to grow coca than accept other ways of living in almost marginalized regions of the country like the Putumayo State.

DMG thought us that many Colombians need urgent attention to rise their standard of life.

It is not just the love for easy money that describes the Colombians, as it was expressed by a journal. At the end, the love for easy money can be found worldwide. But when you listen the testimony of a poor lady who bought a credit card from a company like DMG in the hope to overcome poverty, the slight vain description of just loving easy money crushes against the reality of several Colombian families that have to struggle for a daily living.

The most interesting is that persons like David Murcia know it. They know it, because they come from that same people, from the poor. In this way, the speech of Murcia is nearer to the people than any so call prestigious bank in Colombia.

Undoubtedly, the Uribe’s government is facing the strongest political and economical crisis since 2001, because it has not to see just with DMG or the Pyramid system companies. It is seeing with the pocket of poor peasants and workers, the same ones that could vote against his reelection in the coming March referendum.

In that way, it would be better and wiser to change the direction of the process that goes to the intention of a complete destruction of the DMG group. It would be wiser and visionary to try a more intelligent, just and legal way to rescue DMG, that means to rescue the poor investors.

At the doors of the crush of Wall Street last year, president Uribe said that speculative capital should be controlled to avoid financial crisis like that of US. That would be the exact formula in this case: DMG could be controlled by the state and at the same time it should prevent any crush in economics.

Accused or not, Murcia is a brain to be incorporated in favor of the development. Even if his proposal has a kind of originality, he is also the son of Colombian society and how it has been built during the last 200 years. If we go to investigate the financial practice of the big honest economical empires in Colombia and Latin America, it is true that we are going to find fraudulent practices there like tax evasion through the use of humanitarian causes. Even if it is possible to find honest people, corruption is everywhere in Colombia and some of the leaders of corruption seat even in the seats of the Fathers of the Nation as lawmakers.

Therefore, Murcia is a consequence of the system. He is what our society is producing.

As we have to overcome corruption, violence and poverty, it is necessary to change many elements of our traditional systems and open participation to the whole nation. We already know that the elimination of the opponent is not the best solution. The answer for our Colombian problems is dialogue and reconciliation. This too with Murcia and DMG. In his own speechs and the speechs of president Uribe, are the solutions and both can have the support of the people, if they are so cleaver to work for their good.

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