Chávez asked Obama to rectify

· Latin America, Politic

The comments of elected president Barack Obama in relation with the government of president Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, seems to initiate a new period in the long tensions between Washington and Caracas. Obama suggested that Chávez interrupted the progress of the region, exports terrorist activities and supports malicious entities like the Farc guerrilla of Colombia.

The comments made that the Venezuelan president reacted and asked him to rectify his opinions about the South American country if he wants to improve the broken diplomatic relations.

Although US and Venezuela keep strong commercial ties, the diplomatic relations between Caracas and Washington have been conflicted. Chávez has referred to Bush as “devil”, “drank” and “stupid.” The worst moment has been when Chávez expelled US ambassador Patrick Duddy from Caracas in solidarity with Bolivia in 11th September. Chávez said then that the US ambassador was promoting a plot against his government. Next day, Washington did the same with the Venezuelan ambassador, Bernardo Herrera. The Treasury Department said also that Venezuela was aiding Farc guerrillas.

In that same time, the then democrat candidate Barack Obama said that Chávez was exploiting anti-US feelings in Latin America and that Washington should not react “excessively” to his attacks.

In November, Chávez said that if Obama wins the elections, he will meet him. But the candidate accused Chávez of ruling the country in a non democratic way. Obama said that the relations between both countries will not improve unless Venezuela respects democracy and the rule of law.

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