The Colombian coffee growers will not sue Mike Peters

· Culture, Economics, Society

The Colombian Federation of coffee growers, Fedecafé, will not sue the American cartoonist Mike Peters for the drawing that offended the country. The Federation accepted the excuses of Peters that were proceed in an public letter and personally in the office of the Federation in New York.

On 2nd of January some American newspapers published a drawing where one of the characters says: “Y’know, there’s a big crime syndicate in Colombia. So when they say there’s a little bit of Juan Valdez in every can, maybe they’re not kidding.” The joke plays off a former marketing slogan used by the coffee federation.

The drawing was considered offensive, because it associated the honest work of thousand of coffee growers in Colombia to organized crime. Fedecafe asked its American lawyers to fill a millionaire issue against Peters and the newspapers that published the comics. They considered that the comic damage and harm the intellectual property.

The issue has come also during the celebration of one of the most important coffee festivities in Colombia, the Fair of Manizales, made during the first weeks of January with the election of the international Queen of Coffee.

However, Peters said to the public opinion that he loves Colombia and that he did not intend to offend. Peters visited the office of Fedecafe in New York asking excuses.

By its part, Fedecafe accepted the excuses and said that it will not sue the cartoonist. The coffee growers invited Mike Peters to visit Colombia in order to know the coffee areas and see the social impact of the production of what is considered the best coffee of the world.

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